Our voluntary contribution to climate protection




Our collaboration with ClimatePartner

We have been working with ClimatePartner >, which supports us in terms of carbon-neutral production and developing carbon-neutral product lines, since 2019. ClimatePartner develops cross-industry climate protection solutions for companies. The companies’ greenhouse gas emissions are calculated and reduced as much as possible. However, since they cannot completely eliminate their greenhouse gas emissions, any remaining emissions are offset by financial support for climate protection projects. We work with ClimatePartner to support regional projects in the Black Forest and the Alps, as well as internationally recognised climate protection projects. The forest protection project in Freiburg is ideal, as it offers an opportunity for us to invest in our local area and in preserving our precious countryside.

Our production is climate-neutral – at our site in Fischerbach in the Black Forest, our production is 100% climate-neutral. This includes the finishing of all uma writing instruments. Emissions in the amount of 2,636,777 kg CO2 could be compensated > so far.

climate neutral

climate neutral

In addition, the complete umaNATURALS series > with over 25 different product designs is manufactured, finished and delivered in a climate-neutral way.


uma naturals






1,000 wooden pens yield CO2 emissions totalling 38.7 kg.

This corresponds to a distance of 120 km with a car or 42 washes at 60° or 3 CO2 binding of beech trees.



climate neutral

Climate-neutral product series wooden pens

As a Black Forest-based manufacturer, we are proud to be able to guarantee PEFC and FSC® certified wooden pens. To make the series fully climate-neutral, we ensure that all CO2 emissions incurred during production, processing and transport are compensated through a regional forest protection project in Freiburg.

• Emissions totalling 101,788 kg CO2 compensated


climate neutral

Climate-neutral product series from recycled PET

With the uma recycled PET PEN series, we created a solution to the current requirements of the market. The series offers the highest degree of sustainability. It is demonstrably certified and is the first European pen series made of recycled PET bottles. It was therefore self-evident that we would want to produce, process and transport this series completely climate-neutrally. The climate protection project that we support fights against the flood of plastic waste in our seas and perfectly completes the sustainability story of the uma recycled PET PEN series.

• Emissions totalling 288,994 kg CO2 compensated

plastic bank

climate neutral

Climate-neutral product series recycled plastic

Do good and write with it – that’s possible with our pens made of recycled plastic. The material is obtained from internal injection moulding waste and post-consumer plastic waste. This material series fulfils the attributes sustainability and long-lasting; in addition, the entire production, processing and transport routes of the various model series are climate-neutral. To compensate, we support the global sea protection project Plastic Bank.

• Emissions totalling 30,403 kg CO2 compensated

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