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The uma quality refill – one of the most important reasons for lasting and successful marketing messages.


uma refill – Quality all along the line
The uma quality refill - the heart of every uma writing instrument and thus one of the most important reasons for lastingly successful advertising messages. uma stands for long-lasting writing pleasure and refills that don't run out of ink so quickly: For this reason, we place the utmost importance on top quality – and we don't make any compromises here. Thanks to the use of German paste and compliance with ISO NORM 12757-2, uma quality leads promise an unforgettable writing experience, the best writing comfort and document authenticity across the board.



uma quality refills – Dokumental® inside!
We guarantee Dokumental® inside to all those who write an uma quality magazine. In cooperation with the German paste specialist Dokumental®, we produce a combination of the finest lead technology and the best writing paste. Only an optimal interaction of all lead components results in the unique uma writing experience. All pastes and leads not only comply with the REACH regulations, but also convince in line colour, line width and writing length.

Each handwriting is characterised by its individual typeface. We have a similar approach with the uma refill. Depending on your wishes, you will find the best refill writing technique for the most diverse writing characteristics in our extensive range of refills, matching our model variants. But no matter whether you use a biro refill, rollerball refill or cartridge rollerball system or the innovative uma ink feed system – with an uma refill you are sure to write quality all along the line.




uma Standard Refills

uma tech

uma Tech® – our proven quality refill
The uma Tech® refills have long been considered a proven choice when it comes to high quality and long-lasting writing. They are characterized by a full and constant expressive writing style – quality you can rely on. The uma Tech® refill – the perfect combination of technology and writing pleasure.

uma tech


uma flowmotion

uma FlowMotion® – writes what it promises!
With uma FlowMotion® we offer a refill that writes what it promises: the combination of refill tip, refill ball and the perfectly composed writing paste create an unforgettable writing experience. Writing has never been more elegant: Slide gently over the paper and arouse pure emotions with your handwriting – uma FlowMotion®.

uma flowmotion

Our X20, Jumbo and Extra Class refills – perfectly adapted to your needs
The refill of a writing instrument does not only have to fit the respective design. The writing habits can also be different. At uma you will find a wide range of possibilities: In addition to the classic uma Tech® refill, we offer the uma X-20, uma Jumbo and Extra Class Refill, other high-quality refills with writing lengths from 2,000 to 10,000 meters.


The uma rollerball refills – literally slide over the paper
The rollerball refills are characterized by a particularly even and fluid writing style. The subjective writing feeling is just as elegant: rollerball refills provide a light and gentle touch to personal handwriting. With the uma High Class Rollerball refill you can rely on a writing quality that could hardly be more pleasant.


uma cartridge roller system
The uma cartridge rollerball system is the innovative foundation for new types of rollerball writing instruments in premium quality. Due to its specially developed, low-wear ball tip, it scores with an unprecedented durability and works on the principle of the foundation pen and can be refilled with standard ink cartridges. The writing tip with TC ball (0.7 mm) is therefore used over and over again and not thrown away. Thus, writing instruments equipped with the uma cartridge rollerball system are not only very economical, but also particularly environmentally friendly.




uma Economy Refills

Perfect caption for each budget
uma Economy refills combine writing quality with budget targets. This means that uma Economy refills do not have to do without uma writing quality. For the smaller price, however, shorter writing lengths should be used.

uma economy



uma Special Refills

uma ink transfer system
The uma ink transfer system offers the solution for different writing systems in the same model. A tank for rollerball, highlighter or fineliner paste in combination with the innovative uma ink guiding system provides a highly flexible solution for individual writing comfort. All pastes used are produced according to EN-71-3, ASTM D-4236. No piercing and a long "cap off" time promise immediate and lasting writing pleasure. All uma ink systems can be reordered and are easy to replace in the writing instrument. Writing and marking becomes a "Never Ending Story".

uma ink transfer


Suitable for the very special stroke
With uma special refills, we offer you besides other writing characteristics also other refill designs that allow writing in special forms. Here, you do not have to do without the usual uma writing comfort.

uma special refills

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